New South Wales flora and fauna consultants

Are you thinking of a development proposal? Want to start a project within an area of the environment that may be disturbed, modified or indirectly affected? New South Wales has a variety of unique ecosystems, each supporting its own suite of flora and fauna species. Because of this abundance, and the ecological significance at both a State and national level of those species and communities present, it is essential to consider the impacts a proposal may have on these ecosystems when developing a project of any size. That is where the team at Lesryk come in!

Who are Lesryk?

Lesryk are a proudly Australian owned and operated business who specialise in ecological management, assessment and planning solutions for a wide range of different projects. Lesryk is committed to providing a practical and logical solution to projects that have the potential to impact on the natural environment. Lesryk are committed to keeping the various natural environments of the New South Wales landscape safe, secure, protected and as unaffected as possible. For more information about the kinds of services we offer, please feel free to check out our projects and capabilities pages or get in touch with our team.
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We have assisted with a wide range of projects

Based in New South Wales, the team at Lesryk have worked on a wide array of projects over the years, including the development of bridges, the assessment of certain areas of bushland, the impact that developments may incur on flora and fauna – and so on. We have also conducted audits of flora and fauna, to ensure that particular developments have not interrupted the natural processes of particular species and their ritualised behaviours – such as breeding, eating and so on. We believe in maintaining an open mind while undertaking each project, assessing each on their individual merits and fully understand the principles of ecological sustainable development. Lesryk is also committed to providing a high quality product at a competitive and reasonable price.
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